Carev vrv (2085 a.s.l.)

"Carev vrv" can be climbed from the routes: first from town "Kriva Palanka" across monastery "St. Joakim Osogovski" and the second from town "Kochani" across mountain resort "Ponikva".
From Kriva Palanka untill the monastery "St. Joakim Osogovski" you can go walking, with your own vehicle or by taxi following the asphalt 3 km long road. You can spent the night at the monastery, there is a refuge now at this mountain called "Kalin Kamen" run by PD "Ruen". Markation starts from the monastery and first goes through village "Varovishte", until you reach the hunting lodge and place called "Kalin kamen" (this place can be reached with a terrain vehicle, now there is a ashpalt road). Foto Velickovski StojanceFrom there the route is going through meadows untill the summit. The mountaineering route is 25 km long in one direction and you will need about 5 hours for it. Beside the route there is few spings and taps, and you need an average condition. Stamp is at the monastery "St. Joakim Osogovski".
Route from town "Kochani" - The markation starts from the end of the town, more procisely from the end of the street "14th brigade", goes on under the garbagge depo, then above village "Crvena niva" goes through forest untill you reach the asphalt road going beside tap "Z'mbava". Then you are leaving the asphalt going beside "D'ga ridina" untill the asphalt road again. You are going across the asphalt and going across hill called "Leshi rid". Somewhere about 500 meters before the "Forest house" you are reaching the asphalt road again, then going on the road, 200 meters after the "Forest house". There you are leaving the asphalt road (right) and follow the old road for mountain resort "Ponikva". From the town "Kochani" untill "Ponikva" you'll need about 5 hours. Those who have car transportation can come to "Ponikva" by the 20 km asphalt road from "Kochani".
From "Ponikva" to the summit "Carev vrv" first you go on the wide forest road with one shortcut near the shiphold held by "ZZ Galeb", somewhere half an hour before the top you are leaving the road going right and walks across meadows. The route is well marked. At the second part of the route you have to be carefull on manny crossorads. For this part of the trail you'll need about 5 hours. At mountain resort "Ponikva" there is no refuge (it is still in construction), you can sleep at childreens resort, at forest enterprise objects, and at the "Shampinjon's" resort - they work all the time and the stamp is there.

Description: Buranedin Sali

Ruen (2252 a.s.l.)

The peak "Ruen" (highest at Osogovo mountains - at the border with Bulgaria) can be climbed from few directions, one is from peak „Carev vrv“ (he is previosly described), there is no markation, first the trails is going down untill the sadle "Ajduchka cesma" which is the lowest point on the path, near by at the right side there is a small spring with that name, then you start to go higher toward Ruen, the total time at one direction from Carev vrv to Ruen is about 2 hours.
Other direction is from mine "Toranica". On the way toward Bulgaria boder you are first going through city of Kriva Palanka, you have to turn right before the border, the mine is 18 km distant from Kr. Palanka. From the mine the peak can be climbed directly without the markation on a very step route, easier way is first to go toward the sadle "Ajducka cesma" and then to the peak Ruen. Depending on the path there is about 2-3 hours walking to the summit.
Since this is a border area it is required to have a permit for border-movement issued by the Border police.

Description: Buranedin Sali
September 2005


Lisec (1754 a.s.l. N 41.781265, E 22.510104)

You can reach mountain "Plachkovica" from three directions, from towns: "Radovish", "Shtip" and "Vinica". The markations starts from Radovish, from the bridge at river "Stara reka" and goes through part of the city called "Tehnelk", from where you are going on asphalt road using few shortcuts, you are passing closely the village "Shturovo". For half an hour you will reach cattle farm "Cheshme male". Across the shortcuts that goes on you will reach the asphalt road. When you reach village "Kozbunar" the shortcuts starts again between some houses, 15 minutes before the "Forest house" you will reach the asphalt road again. From the "Forest house" untill the refuge "Dzumaja" you are going on good 2 km road. For this part of the route you'll need about 5 hours. Those who have vehicle can come to the refuge "Dzumaja" by the 12 km asphalt road.
From the refuge the trail goes down toward the little river "Eden dere" which you'll cross several times and after 1 hour walking you reach the area bellow the summit "Lisec", you are crossing river "Lomija". From there the trail goes up and you are climbing the ridge "Vlashka ridina", then village "Vlashki grob", and meadow "Golema livada" untill the peak "Lisec". From the refuge "Dzumaja" untill the summit you'll need about 2 hours. The route is marked and the stamp is at the refuge. The refuge works on previous announcement with the mountaineer club "Bel kamen" from town "Radovish".
The top of Lisec could be reached also from the mountain refuge Vrteska (N 41.758089, E 22.416479). The initial start up is a long a goat’s trail in the direction towards the villas at Plackovica of Stip (Stipskla Plackovica) (1280 a.s.l.). It takes about 25 minutes to get there. After that should follow the asphalt road for about 10 minutes. (about 800 m) to the cross road, and beyond that you follow the pebble road. The first water place is also there. After 1.5 km, that is after 20 minutes of walk along the pebble road you reach the locality of Dzamija (Mosque) (1500 a.s.l.). There is a cross roads there and one should take the road forking right. All the way up till here one can come with a common vehicle, but further on only with a heavy terrain one. After 2-3 min. (250 met.) there is again a crossroads, one should take the road (out of three) which goes south east and then turns sharply towards east. There are a lot of springs and brooks there, just as well as meadows suitable for camping. After 20 minutes from the last cross-roads (about 2 km) there is a marked path leading towards the top of Lisec. The path leads first towards the canyon of Ulmija. After 15 min. (1.5 km) you come to the river Lomija (at about 1000 a.s.l.). At the place of crossing the river there is a 8 m. high rock with a lot of cracks in it, suitable for overnight – if needed. There is no mobile telephone signal here any more. From here on the narrow goats trail goes a steep way up and the moving is hard because of the dense ferns and bushes. After about 20 min. (1 km.) one passes by the top Krivo Brdo (Crooked Hill) (1282 a.s.l.) From here the trail takes you along the same hill up to the top. After 20 minutes (about 1 km.) you will arrive to the locality Pobien Kamen (Planted Stone) (1407 a.s.l.) from where from a first time you can see the top Lisec. There is no drinking water there, but there is a telephone signal. It takes 2 more hours to the top. After 40 minutes (2.5. km) the path comes to a wide macadam road (1.55o a.s.l.) There is no drinking water further on until before the top. From here the climbing to the top starts, and because of the very steep approach it has to be climbed from the north side. After 50 minutes (3 km) one arrives to a sheep’ shelter and several buildings (1.640 a.s.l.) that are under the top. There is a helicopter landing bit prepared there too. After another 30 minutes one arrives to the top Lisec. If needed one can stay overnight in there in the underground shelters and trenches dug by the former YNA. Returning to the refuge Vrteska is along the same path, any other alternative is too risky and too exhausting. It is characteristic for the top of Lisec that in the late spring months of April and May a presence of snow is possible.

Description: Buranedin Sali (27.11.1993)
Supplement about the path from hut Vrteska: Lazar Petkovski, Nikola Ivanovski, Laze Kocev


Tromegja (1881 a.s.l.)

To reach mountain "Belasica" you can go from town "Strumica" with bus until village "Smolare" (near the village there is the biggest "Smolarski waterfall" in Macedonia). The markation starts from the village, at the beginning of the village first you are going on wide road, after 15 minutes walking you are leaving the road, the route is going through forest for about 15 minutes and then reachs the road again, untill the refuge "Sharena cheshma" you are crossing the road 5 times. For this part of the route you'll need about 2,5 hours. From the refuge first you are walking at the road untill you reach the forest. After 1 hour of walking you will reach the border. From that point the trail is turning left and follows the borderline untill the summit "Tromegja", and you'll need another hour (total 2 hours from the refuge "Sharena chesma"). Because this summit is at the very border with Bulgaria and Greece you'll need permitt from the Ministry of internal affairs. The route is marked and the stamp is at the refuge. The refuge works occasionally with previous announcement at mountaineer club "Entuzijast" from Strumica.

Description: Buranedin Sali

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